We specialise in creating websites and online shops largely based on the WordPress CMS system.

We move away from templates and put into the hands of the client the possibility to intervene already at the graphic design stage – to change the font, colours and layout of the site – as they wish. 

While keeping up with current trends and guidelines to create a website on our recommended WordPress system, the same one that over 64% of all websites in the world run on.

Add, edit and delete – change as you need without the help of a programmer.


Show off
with a good side

A website is not only a tool to present your offer, but also a way to build a positive brand image and establish trust.

We pay great attention during the realisation of the website to the presentation of the products and services the client offers. Joint analyses and ideas create a beautiful and intuitive-to-navigate website that the viewer will browse through.

Features of a modern
website include:

  • Responsive design, adapted to all devices (computers, tablets, mobile phones)
  • Simple and clear layout
  • Fast loading time
  • Functionality and easy navigation
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Ability to integrate with other tools and services (e.g. marketing tools, online payments, etc.).



Comprehensive website development services, from initial concept to implementation and post-implementation support.


High quality of our services and adaptation to the individual needs of our clients.


Creation process

Creating a website is a complex process that requires knowledge and experience.
Our company ensures that our website development process is transparent and efficient.

Initial idea and needs analysis

Our team will contact you to prepare the structure of the website together.  This will allow us to obtain full information about your requirements and expectations for the project.

and testing

Once the design has been approved, our development team will proceed to implement the design. We will run a series of tests to make sure the website works properly. 
Have a say in the implementation and how the website works thanks to the dedicated address you will receive from us.

and prototyping

We will prepare the graphic concept and user interface to ensure that your website looks the way you plan.

and maintenance

Once testing and implementation is complete, your website will be available to everyone. Our company also offers maintenance and update services for your site to ensure its continued and reliable operation.