Dedicated solutions

We create dedicated software for the WordPress system according to your needs. We offer not only plugin customisation, but also the extension of WooCommerce shops with additional features. Our solutions are versatile and help you in different areas of your business, including the development field where we support effective sales management. Choose us to make WordPress the perfect fit for your business.


Advantages of the WordPress system

Ease of use

WordPress is a very easy-to-use content management system, allowing you to easily edit and update your site without any programming knowledge.

Large flexibility

The system offers a wide range of available themes and plug-ins, which allow the website to be customised according to the client’s requirements and needs.


WordPress is a scalable platform, meaning that it can be expanded as the client’s needs and requirements grow.

of system

You will find a range of security options, including automatic updates and tools to protect your site from attacks.


WordPress has strong search engine optimisation capabilities, allowing the site to be better positioned in search results.

Integration with other tools

WordPress can be easily integrated with other tools that allow you to optimise your website’s performance, monitor its status and user activity and achieve better online results.


To get the most out of WordPress, it is a good idea for the site to:

  • Integrates with a tool for tracking website traffic statistics, such as Google Analytics
  • Have a functional contact form that makes it easy to get in touch with the company
  • Be integrated with social media, with icons on the page linking to company profiles
  • Made in accordance with current standards so that it is responsive and adaptable to different devices
  • Included an interactive map showing the location of the company’s headquarters
  • Protected with automatic backups to ensure data security

Add, delete, change. Self-editing the web

The WordPress system is very easy to use. The user interface is clear and easy to understand, anyone can add and edit content on their site themselves without the need for a programmer.


We work with the proven WordPress system, in which we combine our own solutions together with the client’s needs.


WP Plugins

Administration and management

Our service is comprehensive support for your website! We take care of the administration of existing extensions and the creation of new ones, tailored to your unique requirements, to ensure your site is fully customised and effective.


Easy integration
with social media

Thanks to solutions and add-ons designed for the WordPress system, it is possible to easily connect your website to social media sites such as: Facebook, Instagram, X and others.


A website made with WordPress offers the extension to all the possibilities of an online shop thanks to WooCommerce. Contact us to start your website transformation now!